The (former) Lowes mosaic is at its new home!

Taking advantage of an unexpected opening in the fabricator's schedule, the mosaic MSoP saved from the Lowes Hotel Philadelphia is now at its new home at CAPA!  Stephen Miotto and his assistant, Miro, installed the mosaic on February 24-26. The mosaic had been cut into a few pieces, when it was removed from the hotel, and was expertly reassembled by Mr. Miotto, who is the original fabricator of the mosaic. On hand were just a couple of the MSoP members who helped orchestrate the last minute installation. They helped patch the portions of the mosaic where the smalti had to be removed to screw the panels onto the wall.

A grand unveiling will take place March 21, 2014, at 6 p.m. Stay tuned to this space for updated details and information! A lot of folks helped Save the Mosaic -- we hope you will all help us celebrate its installation!