Two great NEW reasons to join us at our next General Meeting!

General Meetings are were MSoP business gets conducted, information is shared, and we learn new things from great presenters. The upcoming meeting on January 25th was already looking pretty interesting, with updates about the upcoming SAMA conference, as well as a terrific presentation on hanging systems (timely, as many of us are getting work ready for Fragments, Shard and Pieces, as well as other shows), and now, there are two new reasons to attend!

Dawnmarie Zimmerman, Executive Director of the Society of American Mosaic Artists (SAMA), will be our guest at the meeting and give us a first hand look at what is going on with the planning for this massive and exciting conference (March 11-15, 2015 in Philadelphia!!).

And here's yet another reason to attend — a raffle, for tempered glass sheets!

We will be raffling off twenty 10" x 16" sheets of tempered glass, one at a time, for $2 per raffle ticket. Twenty sheets! So there's a really good chance you will walk away with at least one of them if you participate. Two dollars! That's less than that cup of coffee with the fancy logo on it! And you will be helping raise funds for MSoP!

So bring all those singles that clutter your wallet, walk away with some yummy tempered glass, and then... break it!

We hope to see all members there!

And don't forget — 2015 membership fees are due! Don't miss out!