A Letter from the MSoP Board of Directors

How do you feel about making easy decisions?
Well, we are presenting you with an opportunity to make some of the easiest decisions you’ll ever have to make!  Will you help keep the Mosaic Society of Philadelphia vibrant and exciting?  Will you do what you can to provide the members of MSoP with everything that you’ve enjoyed so far? YES?
Over the last twelve months we have had an especially great year!
Exploring the results of our art practices always gets people excited,
supporting community and oozing with mosaic love!

We want to share with you some thoughts about how we transform our organization and inspire members and our community over the past five years, especially this past year.

As you may know, it was in 2011 when a small group of mosaic devotees morphed into the Mosaic Society of Philadelphia and began the unique relationship with other artists, mosaic collectors and enthusiasts, gathering, supporting and sharing the love of mosaic art.
To help you with your EASY DECISIONS, let’s look at what we’ve accomplished so far!  We have:
Connected and networked with other communities, continually pushing the envelope and exploring new methods of improving and offering mosaic art.
Offered FREE presentations and educational components at every MSoP meeting!
Offered trips to inspire, gather and experience mosaic installations in NYC with an upcoming trip to Baltimore.
Saved a magnificent mosaic from destruction in partnership with the Loews Hotel, The City of Philadelphia and The Philadelphia High School for the Performing Arts.
Identified innovations that further good stewardship and development of mosaic art-focused activities throughout Philadelphia, NJ, NY and its suburbs.
Offered financial aid for those members who wish to take mosaic workshops through our Art Share Grant program.
Maintained an up-to-date MSoP website including our blog, activities and events, as well as a public and private members Facebook Page.
Brought in mosaic artists nationwide to offer specialty workshops.
Introduced mosaic art to early Alzheimer’s patients and their partners.
Celebrated our member’s mosaic art in highly successful exhibits yearly; this past year at Gratz College Gallery.
Offer a yearly monetary prize to a mosaic work at Main Line Art Centers’ Member Show in memory of Joel Segal, one of the beloved founders of MSoP.  
Brought the Society of American Mosaic Artists (SAMA) to Philadelphia for their annual conference.
Worked with underserved communities introducing mosaic art.
                                       …and so much more.
The Mosaic Society of Philadelphia is proud to be an all-volunteer organization of mosaicists, mosaic art supporters and lovers. We have an active Board of Directors with board meetings just before each general meeting - five times yearly. We are dedicated, but we cannot do all that we do without your help.  Here’s where your easy decisions come in!!!   
Will you decide to renew your membership today?  YES!

We can’t do anything without a strong membership!

If you are able, will you decide to help an MSoP member enjoy a
 mosaic workshop through ART SHARE, our grant program? YES!

Donating any amount will help!

(You can link to PAYPAL or send a check for your membership dues. You can also include an added gift to Art Share at that time.)  

Will you decide to volunteer in a committee? YES!

If you’ve offered before and didn’t get that call to help, offer again!  Sometimes we’re so busy and get distracted, we don’t hear you the first time!  But we need you!

These are EASY DECISIONS for an organization that feels like home for so many; that offers learning, support and friendship.

With deepest gratitude and wishes to all for a happy and healthy New Year!

Carol Shelkin, Sharon Ritz, Laura Lyn Stern, Veronica Kairos, Carol Hemsley, Rise’ Skobeloff, Ricki Lent, Robyn Miller
MSoP Board of Directors

PO Box 9012
Collingswood, NJ 08108